How can driving help reduce your stress levels?

Posted by Karim Ojjeh

How can driving help reduce your stress levels?

'Picture a man who is tired of the stress of his business life and the anxiety caused by daily problems. Without even taking a suitcase, he walks out of the door and jumps into his car. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, the music playing on his favorite radio channel rises, and a journey begins in the darkness of the night as if it will last forever…'

This is a scene that can be pictured by everyone as clearly as a movie scene. Because all of us, from time to time, get overwhelmed by the daily routine and troubles, and want to get on the road to go on a long journey. This is one of the advantages and conveniences of owning a car. Being able to hit the road freely and unplanned…

We think, driving a car can sometimes be better than anything.

Let's face it, owning a car has disadvantages in life such as traffic stress, parking problems, dealing with sloppy drivers, and expenses that need to be taken care of. However, it is possible to turn these disadvantages into advantages. For example, paying attention to the methods of staying calm at the wheel can help every driver. You can find many examples of these methods in our mental fitness blog, you should check it out if you haven’t already. It should not be forgotten that we are not the only driver in heavy traffic. Driving in city traffic in daily life sometimes makes you forget the joy of being a driver. However, for some people, driving is not a necessity, it is a pleasure.

It is not difficult at all to have a safe and trouble-free journey while enjoying the road. The important thing is that the driver, who is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and everyone in the vehicle, does not neglect the traffic rules and pays attention to the road. From here on, it is up to you to enjoy the road and enjoy the driving pleasure for the kilometers ahead. Don’t forget, a pleasant journey often requires preparation.

Passion of driving

A passion is defined as a strong inclination toward an activity that individuals like or even love. “Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” This quote explains the freedom a car can give, perfectly. As KO-racer team, we value our freedom therefore we love our cars. It should always be remembered that sometimes traveling offers a feeling of freedom that will allow you to leave all your troubles behind. When you get into your car, you will instantly feel secure. There are psychological reasons behind this, the car is your own space, your bubble for being yourself. Even thunder can’t hurt you while you are in your roaring cage with wheels. Once you get in, you turn your music on and start to feel the rhythm. You feel the power of the engine through your bones. You know you will be controlling that power with your right foot. You move it and a very exciting journey begins.

You can read about psychological reasons more in our mental fitness blog. Here are some helpful research links in the subject:


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What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think driving can really reduce stress? Also we’d like to hear your ideas about dealing with issues which kill the passion of driving like traffic, speed limits, etc. Please write in the comments section,let us know your thoughts.


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