Heavy Traffic Exercises You Can Do In Your Car

Posted by Karim Ojjeh

If you're lucky (!) enough to be caught in traffic during rush hour, then you know how fun it is to sit in your car for hours! You think of all the things you can do at that moment. Because you are stuck in a dead-end and your vehicle only speeds up to 5km. There are several ways to make this time productive. One of them is the exercises you can do in the car.

Here are some useful exercises you can do. They will give you something to focus on other than disappointment and they will get you one step closer to having a beautiful body!

Exercise 1. Chin Strengthening

This exercise will help prevent double chin growth! All you have to do is open and close your mouth as if you are chewing a delicious salad, repeating it 5 times in a row.

Exercise 2. Abdominal Strengthening

Imagine trying to put on your favorite skinny jeans, but you have to pull your tummy in to close that top button. The act of sucking in your tummy is the first step to getting nicely toned abs. The second step is to push your lower abdomen down and pull your belly button towards your back. Hold for a few seconds and repeat 12-15 times. If you're about to feel the burning sensation in your belly, take 20 super-fast breaths and really engage your lower abs.

Exercise 3. Push-ups

You need to sit idle for this exercise as you have to use your steering wheel. Keep your hands on the wheel at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions. To get the most out of this exercise, squeeze your shoulder blades together, release slowly, and repeat at least 5 times as you bring yourself closer to the steering wheel. Many of the accidents occur due to violating the most basic traffic rules and carelessness. In order to ensure road safety, even the simplest traffic rule should be strictly followed without skipping

Exercise 4. Leg Strength

Again, make sure your car is in neutral and on a level road, as your feet should be flat on the ground. This exercise looks pretty simple, but be careful. Start by placing your right hand on your right thigh. Lift your right leg slightly and push that leg with your right hand, trying not to let your leg move. Hold for 5-10 seconds, try to repeat about 8-10 times, then switch with your left leg. The more burning sensation you feel, the more results you will get!

Exercise 5. Spine Stretch

This isn't really an exercise, but it does help your posture. Sitting in a car for hours can lead to poor posture. For the most effective spinal stretch, sit straight with your back slightly arched. Move your body closer to the steering wheel. Make sure to tense your abs as you move forward and focus on breathing slowly 3 times before relaxing. Repeat at least 5 times in a row!

While all this is being done, it is important to concentrate on the road while driving. These exercises should be done while the car is stationary or at a red light. Also, don't force yourself while doing these exercises, stop immediately if you feel any pain! Being stuck in traffic is already painful enough!

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